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the destroyer of worlds

Ending notes for "On The Countryside"

It's been a long journey. Almost a year, and the story is finished. In the beginning this was just a project that I wanted to try out; I wanted to see how it was to write a longer story. It was one simple idea, in which I don't remember how I got anymore.

I must say that the final product strayed far from the original thought story, because the characters tend to live their own lives. But I'm more or less happy with the outcome, even though I'm often complaining about this story. It holds a special place in my heart, since it was my first fanfiction ... :)

I won't make this long speech about feels and "thank you"s, so I'll cut this short with a thank you to everyone who read this from beginning to end, to all of you that commented, and you who encouraged me to keep writing this. On several occasions I almost quit because I didn't know what to write or had lost all inspiration, so it's thanks to you that this story finally has its final chapter, it's closure. Thank you, everyone who will read this in the future, and also thank you to the silent readers. If there are any. Idk. 

I love you all! And I hope you're happy with the ending ;;; I know a lot of you are curious of Sungmin's past, but I'll leave it up to your imagination, since that's another story that I will most likely not writ in the nearest future

So yeah. Thank you thank you thank you and let's celebrate that it' finally done together \o/

Tags: ending notes, on the countryside
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